Remote Control

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To market the DISH 2-Year TV Price Guarantee, OneTen wanted to pull the curtain back on the common pay-TV industry practice of adding hidden fees and rate increases to customers' bills.


To stand out from our competition, we wanted to position DISH as an honest, transparent company in the pay-TV industry. Our approach to transparency was in direct response to pay-TV competitors, including DirecTV, and their dishonest pricing policies.


We created a series of ads that showcased how DISH alleviated “bill anxiety,” or the uncertainty of how much customers will be paying for their TV service each month. By utilizing a visual cue of someone swiping a credit card through a remote control, we were able to engage customers and deliver our message.


This campaign ranged from national broadcast TV to social media and digital executions. Ameritest research verified the impact the unique spots. This visual cue of the remote with a credit-card reader became the representation of bill anxiety, and positioned DISH as a champion of the people.

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