DISH Playmaker

"Our audience takes great pride in their tailgate setup"


OneTen was tasked with the launch of the DISH Playmaker® mobile satellite antenna. Our target audience consisted primarily of college-educated males heavily invested in watching, attending, and tailgating college football games. Research showed that our audience takes great pride in their tailgate setup, so it was critical that we find a way to deliver a compelling message without insulting their existing tailgate setups.


The key insight that drove creative execution was the time and diligence our audience put into preparing their tailgates. We used this insight to remind our target audience that even the most diligently planned tailgate c fail without HD entertainment from DISH.


Our "Game Day is Coming" concept was launched in anticipation of the 2016 college football season. Executions featured a series of headline-driven ads that recognized the work that goes into tailgating and reminded fans to prepare for another perfect season. Executions spanned social media, radio, print, digital display, and a landing page. NFL Hall of Famer Michael "The Playmaker" Irving even lent a hand in promoting the Playmaker over social media and radio.



As a result of our advertising push in June and July, DISH Outdoor saw a 14% increase in activations from the year before, and a subsequent spike in antenna sales.

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